The association’s goal is to improve the educational offer, the social and cultural life as well as the environmental conditions and the offering of personal development services. We believe that the state of economic, social and political health is determined by the inner equilibrium and harmony of people. Therefore, we militate for a better society, bringing one’s inner potential to the best level of functioning which would generate a change in oneself as well as in the society.


The organization Sigma Development Center initiates and unfolds projects meant to strengthen the interactive and continuous education and formation of youngsters as well as adults from urban or rural environment, it also provides information services, guidance and mediation of individuals in search of a working place, in order to increase the quality of life for people living in Constanta.

Starting with October 2010, Sigma Development Center organization became partner within the Regional Pact for filling Labor Forces and Social Inclusion, the south-eastern region, in order to allow a better identification of the community’s problems, to find new resources and use new opportunities, which would advantage the beneficiaries of the programs realized by the Sigma Development Center organization.

Following the partnership with AJOFM in one of the European financed projects, Sigma Development Center received the status of partner within the network of mediation ANOFM, more precisely it is part of the public-private Partnership for filling the labor force in 2011.

Also, in order to be an active factor on the labor force market, Sigma Development Center association received accreditation from the National Agency of Labor Force as a provider of informing and guiding services of labor on the internal market, and accreditation as a provider of mediation services of labor on the internal market.

Sigma Development Center association’s aims are the initiation, support and development of social, humanitarian and communal programs; the development of actions meant to promote and aid the promotion of individuals’ interests and rights, social as well as cultural and artistic activities, youth mobility, citizens’ rights, to contribute at a lasting development of the local community and business community, to support social programs regarding the public education and the active participation of citizens at the communal life, and to protect the environment; the arrangement of professional courses of formation in different activities; the development of therapies which allow the positive transformation, the individual’s spiritual growth, as well as the positive evolution of a person and the specialized assistance for inactive people.

Presently, the services offered by the association to its beneficiaries represent important parts in the development of the respective community:

  • Services of guidance and psychotherapy ( group psychotherapy and personal development, evaluation and vocational orientation);
  • Personal development courses organized: the development of optimistic behavior regarding teenagers or vulnerable people; the successful presentation at the job interview; techniques of communication and networking;
  • Other courses that regard the development of the individual’s potential;
  • Other services such as organizing campaigns of information; organizing seminars, conferences and workshops;
  • Team-building and professional groups of support.

Within the Sigma Development Center association it is created a favorable context for supporting vulnerable people by weekly organizing workshops through which motivation, self-confidence, interpersonal networking and communication are stimulated.
Some of the used techniques regard developing and using creativity in different activities: musical, visual, etc.


Our mission is to ensure integrated services which would offer people opportunities in order to better their quality of life. Such services are those of non-formal education, professional formation of adults, social services, art-therapy activities, and workshops of personal development and individual psychological guidance.


Our association is based on a set of principles and values among which: honesty, respect towards oneself, towards others and towards the environment, courage to overcome one’s condition, and reassurance of our quality of actions and services.
We take great pride in having vast experience in ongoing activities that aim to put our mission in practice, and with the help of our 8 experts in writing, management and implementing of European financed projects, we have managed in the last 5 years to access more lines of financing.

SIGMA DEVELOPMENT CENTER association is a non-profit organization, for consultancy and integrated services for children, family and society, founded in 2010, in Constanta, whose aim is the improvement of the quality of life in all its aspects.



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